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How to Install Firefox Extensions

  1. When downloading anything, it might be best to download to your desktop. You know right where it is and don't have to look for it. Being right on the desktop, you can immediately right click and select "Scan for Viruses", and you can open it and then move it to Program Files. Firefox can be set to download everything automatically to your Desktop by going to Tools/Options/Downloads and clicking on 'Save all files to 'Folder Browse/Desktop/Ok'. Tools/Extensions brings up a box that shows what extensions that may have been downloaded or not. From this screen you can update existing extensions, uninstall them and get more extensions. Uninstalling does not immediately remove the extension. Rather, it turns grey sometimes and is left there in case of a change of mind. Hopefully, it will not keep harassing you with pop ups to update and whatever, and will remove itself at some point.
  2. After choosing an extension/Install Now, the box will say 'Signed' 'Unsigned'. Signed means someone has paid for a security certificate and authentication (which is not necessarily a guarantee of anything) and Unsigned means they haven't. Doesn't seem to be anyway to check Extensions for viruses. But what you can do, is after downloading extension, do a system wide check with your virus program.
  3. Click "Install Now" and you will see the download with the red filler line. This Download will now appear in Extensions box. Normally, you must restart Firefox for the extension to activate. You're also pretty safe installing extensions hosted on the Mozilla Update site. Beware of unsigned extensions you find elsewhere on the Net.
  4. To install extension from sites other than Mozilla save to your desktop. This can be scanned for viruses. To install the downloaded extension: in Firefox click File/Open File/Desktop, click or highlight the extension to open. The software installation box will appear as in Step 3. Click Install. Close and restart Firefox for activation.
  5. Some extensions will not be compatible with particular versions of Firefox. If Firefox won't download extensions: Click Tools/Options/Content/Allowed Sites. You may have to specify sites allowed. Copy the URL of 'extension download page' and paste it into 'Address of Website" click Allow. If extensions still cannot be downloaded: Type about:config exactly, including colon into the 'Address, Location or URL Bar' and hit enter. This produces a list of all the many preferences. Scroll down to 'xpinstall.enabled'. Under 'Value' at the right side of the page make sure its value is 'true'. If it says false, double click and it will change to true. Leave page by clicking a tab or home.
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