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Nakajima Ki-27-Otsu?? ( B.K.12 )

Manufactory n/a
Aircraft Type n/a
Powerplant n/a
Range 1710 km
Wingspan 11.30 m
Length 7.53 m
Height n/a
Weights Empty n/a
Weights Max T/O n/a
Max Speed 470 km/h
Output n/a
First Flight Date n/a
Service in RTAF 1942 - 1949
^Top n/a

Nakajima Ki-27-Otsu ? ( B.K.12 )

In early 1942, the Royal Thai Air Force placed an order with Japan for twelve Nakajima Ki-27b Nate fighters, manufactured under Nakajima Company license by Mantsyu Hikoki Seizo Company in Harbin, Manchuria. The Ki-27 was named Aircraft Type 15, now known as Fighter Type 12. The Royal Thai Air Force preferred to call it ?Ota? after the city where Nakajima Company was located.

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